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Automatic small potato chips packing machine with nitrogen low price

Hot Sale Price: USD3034 ~ 3234$

Machine Model: JS-320A

Automaticity: Full Automatic

Material: SUS304

Machine Size: (L)1100*(W)755*(H)1540mm

Machine Weight: 300KG

Bag size:L: 40~200mm,W: 50~150mm

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1.Weight measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and bags counting can be done automatically.
2.Computer PLC control and automatic alarming function.
3. English and Chinese human-machine operation interface, it is easy to operate, a high degree of automation.
4.High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, more accuracy.
5. Famous brand components, ensure the quality and durability of the machine.

> What do you want to pack?
Fill free flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt, coffee beans, maize, nuts, candies, dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, low weighing engineering products and many more.

Automatic mini bag 5g 8g sugar stick packing machine price

Measurement Range50~200ml
Packing SizeL: 40-200mm  W: 50-150mm
Packaging Speed30~80bags/min
Machine Size
Machine Weight300KG

Sealing Style

Three/Four sealing /Back sealing
CuttingTooth Cut / Flat Cut

Combined Parts

Fully automatic snacks/cashew nut/peanut packing machine

1st 1st step: Setting the parameters you want by touch screen

2nd step: Put the material into the stainless steel hopper

Fully automatic snacks/cashew nut/peanut packing machine

3rd step: The measurement parts will measure the weight of each bag automatically

4th step: The bag former will make the bag automatically

Fully automatic snacks/cashew nut/peanut packing machine

5th step: The horizontal and vertical cutter device will seal the middle and of the bag.

6th step: You will get the nicely paper or plastic bag type

Electrical configuration

These are the electrical configurations on the packaging machine, from different brands and different countries.

Automatic mini bag 5g 8g sugar stick packing machine price

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