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Automatic Tobacco Packaging Machine

Hot Sale Price: USD110350 ~ 12550$

Machine Model: JS-420SS

Automaticity: Full Automatic

Material: SUS304

Packaging Bag Size: (W)60~200mm  (L)80~300mm

Machine Size: (L)1350*(W)10150*(H)1343mm

Machine Weight: 650KG

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1. Imported PLC control system and color touching screen enable easy and efficient operation

2. The bag type is diversified, and it can provide customers with pillow-shopped bags, gusset bags, hanging hole bags, and even bags

3. Imported servo film transport system, imported color standard sensor, accurate positioning, excellent machine performance, and beautiful packaging

4. A variety of automatic alarm protection functions are used to minimize losses

50g 200g Sachet Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

> What do you want to pack?

This is an integrated producing line, which is widely adopted in Tobacco Honey processing scope, achieved complete procedure of bag forming, filling, sealing, cartooning as well as cellophane overwrapping, with high efficiency and perfect packing effect.


50g 200g Sachet Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

Measurement Range150~1500ml
Packing SizeL: 80-300mm  W: 60-200mm
Packaging Speed30~80bags/min
Machine Size
Machine Weight550KG

Sealing Style

Back sealing
CuttingTooth Cut / Flat Cut
Power220V, 50HZ, 2.2KVA

Combined Parts

50g 200g Sachet Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

1st step: Setting the parameters you want by touch screen

2nd step: Put the material into the stainless hopper

50g 200g Sachet Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

3rd step: Metering screw - Automatic measuring the Shisha Tobacco

4th step: The bag former will make the bag automatically

50g 200g Sachet Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

5th step: The horizontal and vertical cutter device will seal the middle and the end of the bag

6th step: You will get the nicely paper or plastic bag type

Electrical configuration

These are the electrical configurations on the packaging machine, from different brands and different countries.
Automatic edible gelatin liquid packing machine
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