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What are the Safety Issues of the Filling Machine?

Mar. 31, 2021

As a Food Packaging Machine Supplier, share this with you.

Filling machines are a rapidly developing industry in our modern society. They are widely used in the edible oil industry, beverage industry and cosmetics industry. Nowadays, the overall development level of filling machines has also improved, the machines have become more and more efficient, their functions have become more and more comprehensive, and have gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. However, the filling machines we use have a common problem, that is, the cleaning process is relatively time-consuming and laborious, especially the liquid filling machine is not easy to clean, let’s take a look at the cleaning method of the liquid filling machine and is it effective.

Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

The main methods to ensure cleanliness are: keep the pipelines of the liquid filling machine clean. All pipelines, especially those in direct or direct contact with materials, must be kept clean. They must be scrubbed every week, water must be taken every day, and sterilized every time; ensure The filling machine is clean, and its material tank should be brushed and sterilized to ensure that there is no dirt and bacteria in the part that contacts the material.

It is a good method to ensure the biological stability of bottled beverages during the production process. The sterilization time and temperature must be controlled to ensure the effect. It is also necessary to avoid excessive sterilization time or high temperature and reduce beverage oxidation. After that, it should be cooled as soon as possible so that the temperature does not exceed 35°C. Low-temperature filling is a requirement for beverage filling. Generally, beverages are not prone to product foam in a low-temperature environment, which is conducive to filling.

Before the filling machine works each time, use 0~1℃ water to reduce the temperature of the filling machine tank and the conveying pipe. When the filling temperature exceeds 4℃, the temperature should be lowered first and then the filling operation should be carried out. Use the heat preservation tank and constant temperature filling to keep the material at a certain constant temperature within the specified time for filling, so as to avoid the unstable operation of the filling machine due to excessive temperature changes.

In addition, the filling equipment is isolated from other equipment. The lubrication part of the filling machine and the filling material part should be prevented from cross-contamination. The lubrication of the conveyor belt should use special soapy water or lubricating oil.

The above is all the knowledge about filling machines in the food industry that must be cleaned and meet hygienic standards. The safety of food filling machines is a big problem for us. We must achieve proper hygiene and clean the equipment. Our responsibility.

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