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The Difference Between Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Packaging Machinery: A Guide to Identifying Which One More Suitable for Your Business

Oct. 31, 2019


Packaging is one of the important processes in your business when you sell your goods to the market. And one of the most current questions asked by both internal sales representatives and external end-users in which packing machine should I purchase, semi-automatic or automatic?

The answer depends on several factors, including but not limited to:

Type of packaging machines that the customers need

Type of products, such as powder, granule or liquid.

Increased efficiency or productivity

Labor savings

Optimal material savings

Budget: how much they want to spend or should invest to achieve the required result or Return On Investment (ROI)

To help you determine whether a fully automatic packaging machine or a semi-automatic packaging machine might better for your business, we have explained some situations in which one option might be more appropriate than the other.

Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine

To be clear, semi-automatic packaging machinery typically involves the need for a full-time operator, which means, the filling machine needs to be initiated to fill or need to have a worker introduce a container to it in order to be filled. For the products that are consist of many different goods in many different configurations, the semi-automatic packaging machine is ideal, because this situation makes lots of extra expenses in an automatic machine, such as costly change parts and the time it takes to set up and changeover the machine. Another situation is your budget have limited or your business is small. In this case, the cost of purchasing multiple semi-automatic machines for the same price might be less than the cost of one automatic machine.


Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

An automatic filling machine will not need the operator. Once these machines are started, they are fairly self-control. If you have a limited number of products and have large runs of them, this kind of machine is the best option for your business. In other words, it can improve production line efficiencies and reduce the cost and time.


Remember do not jump to conclusion immediately when you make a decision for purchasing a packaging machine of your business. To get more information about packaging machines, please contact us, we will promptly enthusiastically give a reply.


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