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How does the Powder Packaging Machine Prevent Explosion?

Feb. 26, 2021

It is easy to avoid using explosion-proof motors. Friends all know that the vacuum packaging of food is the credit of the vacuum packaging machine. So how is the powder packaged? Many people have doubts, because the powder is easy to explode, which is very dangerous, and ordinary packaging machines cannot do business. The explosion of dust can be regarded as the rapid dry distillation or gasification of suspended dust under the action of a heat source to produce combustible gas and combustible gas mixed with air to burn. The explosion-proof vacuum packaging machine mainly packs powder, and it uses an explosion-proof motor. Generally, dust that is not easy to cause an explosion includes soil, sand, iron oxide, abrasive materials, cement, quartz dust, and dust similar to burning. Today Automatic Packaging Machines Manufacturers will explain this information to you.

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Explosion principle: First, we must look at the classification and grouping of explosive dust. Generally speaking, the dust that is prone to explosion accidents is roughly aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum processing grinding powder, various plastic powders, intermediates of organic synthetic drugs, wheat flour, sugar, wood chips, Dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal dust, plant fiber dust, etc. The dust of these materials is prone to explosive combustion because there are strong reducing agents H, C, N, S and other elements. When they coexist with peroxides and explosive dust, they decompose and are produced by oxidation reactions. A large amount of gas, or a small amount of gas, but releases a large amount of heat of combustion. For example, as long as aluminum powder is exposed to carbon dioxide atmosphere, there is a danger of explosion. The difficulty of dust explosion is related to the physical and chemical properties of the dust and environmental conditions. It is generally believed that the greater the combustion heat, the easier it is to explode, such as coal dust, carbon, and sulfur. Substances with fast oxidation rate are easy to explode, such as magnesium powder, aluminum powder, ferrous oxide, dyes, etc. Easily charged dust is also easy to cause explosion, such as synthetic resin powder, fiber dust, starch and so on. These poorly conductive substances accumulate due to the static electricity generated by friction with the machine or the air. When they reach a certain amount, they will discharge and generate electric sparks, which constitute the fire source of the explosion.

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